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06 Apr

Trained master-level research assistants administered the SIPS/SOPS, with clinical ratings achieved by expert consensus (with CC).Participants were prospectively characterized for symptoms every 3 months for up to 2.5 years, with transition to psychosis determined using the SIPS/SOPS ‘presence of psychosis’ criteria.Speech features were significantly correlated with prodromal symptoms.Findings support the utility of automated speech analysis to measure subtle, clinically relevant mental state changes in emergent psychosis.Novel computerized methods to characterize complex behaviors such as speech could be used to identify and predict psychiatric illness in individuals.In this proof-of-principle study, our aim was to test automated speech analyses combined with Machine Learning to predict later psychosis onset in youths at clinical high-risk (CHR) for psychosis.Thirty-four CHR youths (11 females) had baseline interviews and were assessed quarterly for up to 2.5 years; five transitioned to psychosis.Using automated analysis, transcripts of interviews were evaluated for semantic and syntactic features predicting later psychosis onset.

in which automated text analyses yielded parameters that accurately discriminated between patients and controls, we hypothesized that automated semantic and syntactic analysis of baseline interview transcripts would yield speech features capable of predicting subsequent psychosis outcome among CHR individuals.

Exclusion criteria included history of threshold psychosis or Axis I psychotic disorder, risk of harm to self or others incommensurate with outpatient care, any major medical or neurological disorder, and Intelligence Quotient and to determine psychosis outcome.

The SIPS/SOPS evaluates positive (subthreshold psychotic), negative, disorganized, and general symptoms.

Speech features were fed into a convex hull classification algorithm with leave-one-subject-out cross-validation to assess their predictive value for psychosis outcome.

The canonical correlation between the speech features and prodromal symptom ratings was computed.