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29 Mar

For many singles, desire for long-term love goes hand-in-hand with the desire for family.

For some, that may mean creating a family unit of just two people. Neither option is any more valid than the other but, for relationship harmony, it's best to be on the same page as your partner. We’ve analyzed anonymous data from 84,000 single Canadians aged 18-45 to determine the cities in each province or territory where you can find the broodiest singles – along with with the most (and least! That means, whether you wish to live child-free, or whether you're firmly in the 'I want a baby' camp, this study can help you plot your next moves and, perhaps, help you take the first step towards finding a partner whose goals match your own.

More men than women have joined the site so far, and people seem to think might help to solve the problem of Denmark's declining birthrate. It seems like there are new niche dating sites all the time, doesn't it?Realizing this, the study also determined the broodiest city in each province or territory, When it comes to pop culture and baby-fever, it’s usually women whose biological clocks are portrayed as having the louder tick.However, the study proved that this is not necessarily true in Canada.Indeed, when it comes to saying 'I want a baby,' single women and single men are almost perfectly matched: on average, 38.4% of women and 38.6% of men want children.On average, 21.5% of women are adamant that they don’t want children. Where men beat women is in the sitting-on-the-fence department: 48% of men are not sure whether or not they want to have kids, compared with 40% of women.