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22 Aug

Vera and Joan told them of how Leckie would be screaming at night from his nightmares of his time in the Pacific.

Private First Class Robert "Lucky" Leckie is one of the three main characters of The Pacific.

The Chettleburgh name in Dunedin boxing circles is well known and Billy considered the Chettleburgh’s to be both family and the closest of friends and of course with his daughter Carol marrying Kevin Chettleburgh they certainly right away he wanted to make sure she was safe working there.

Vera enters the church, and Leckie leaves for the Marines the following night.

There he got promoted to the rank of Private First Class, which Leckie holds in high regard. They all became good friends throughout the war, with Chuckler becoming the unofficial leader of the group.

On a navy ship with his friends talking about what is in store for them, Chuckler suggests that it is going to be a turkey shoot, while Leckie quotes the Greek poet Homer just before the regiment goes topside.

For most of her childhood, her mother warned her about Robert Leckie, he was troublesome.

Vera really didn't know Robert personally, but she did know that he was a little rebellious. However, she decided to go and pray at church instead, since America had made the decision to enter the war the day before.