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10 Jul

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Extra 50¢ will be charged per transaction for American Express Credit Card. Information Verification You give us permission to verify all information You provide, including, as applicable, Your credit card information or debit card information, , along with Your email address and any other pertinent information which We request. Purchase Limits Raza.communications may, in its sole discretion, limit the number of Products You buy at one time, or over a certain period of time.Any Balance remaining from a purchase that is made prior to 6 months will not be refunded. Prepayments The following conditions will govern prepayments you make to your Account balance: You may add to your Account balance at any time by accessing "My Account" at our Website Any prepayment will be charged to the credit, debit or paypal that you listed in your account information.We will provide you with an e-mail confirmation each time you make a prepayment that is credited to your Account balance.The terms and conditions of a Product, including the rates for calls made in conjunction with the use of any particular Product and the fees associated with the Product, are subject to change at any time without prior notice.You may contact our Customer Service Representatives at 1-877-463-4233, if You have any questions about the Products, including the domestic or international long distance rates associated with a Product. Payments You must pay for Products at the time of purchase.