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07 Jun

I normally don't go for supernatural shows, but Misfits is an exception.

Basically, a group of kids doing mandatory community service get struck by lightning and they get special powers.

While this raunchy show ended a couple of years ago, it spawned a movie and an attempt to recreate the show in the states on MTV. She is just leaving a psychiatric facility after a 4 month stay and deals with hiding this secret from her friends on top of dealing with crushes and drama between her and her best friend.

Just like MTV's attempt to bring Skins to the states, the American version of The Inbetweeners didn't last long either, so do yourself a favor and find a way to watch the original. This show has made me laugh and it's made me cry, and any show that can do both of those things and also have a great 90s soundtrack is perfection OK, not technically a fictional show about teens but it's as fictional as reality TV gets.

Sleeping with Jake is nothing compared to the mistakes we’ve seen the girl make in the past, so it’s kind of a shame that it all had to blow up in her face.

When she laments to Victoria that she believed their relationship to be real, you believe her, and the connection at least demonstrates the ways in which Effy has grown up since her days of playing with boys’ emotions.

At least little Dom got away without some huge personal tragedy but, if we’re being totally honest, nobody cares about Dom.

Can you ask a person with cancer to chip in for the rent?

The show's diversity is a huge plus for me, especially since the main character is a black chick. Starting university is tough enough without being left out of first dibs for student housing.Most of my favorite bands are from from the UK, a bunch of my favorite movies were made in the UK and many of my favorite TV shows are set in the UK.In my opinion, some of the best teen dramas and comedies are made by the Brits.I don’t refer to myself as an Anglophile because people who call themselves Anglophiles are obnoxious and think that the United Kingdom is perfect and can do no wrong…which is definitely not true.However, I’m not gonna lie: I like a lot of things that come out of the UK.