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31 May

The programme is due to run over 36 weeks, starting in September.You will be based mainly at The Daily Echo in Southampton.You will pitch ideas, tip-offs and stories to local and national newspapers/websites, while building skills and a portfolio of published work.The essentials of journalism are covered in detail and include reporting, public affairs, media law, multimedia and shorthand.Press The best way to get our message out there is in the press.Local newspapers, tv and radio have all helped us to reach an otherwise unobtainable audience, please see the coverage below.Southern Daily Echo Having been nominated for the Venus Awards Business Mother of the Year for efforts with Baby Resuscitation, the Southern Daily Echo interviewed Natasha who jumped at the opportunity of further coverage of our courses.

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At Highbury we place an emphasis on practical, real-world experience.If you would like to run an article about uk in your newspaper or magazine, we welcome the opportunity.contact us Southern Daily Echo Coverage in the Southern Daily Echo about Natasha's efforts to make Baby Resuscitation training courses available and being recognised by supermarket giant Tesco, via their "Tesco Mum of the Year Awards".Georges Hospital in South London on Wednesday 1st October.We met with the respiratory research team and hope that they will be opening to recruitment soon – our first recruiting centre in London. The news item featured one of our trial participants talking about her experience of living with severe asthma and participating in the trial and Professor Chauhan, the LASER trial Chief Investigator talking about the importance of the trial […] The trial team visited Bradford Royal Infirmary on Friday 22nd August for the 6th Site Initiation Visit. Saralaya and his team of nurses and we look forward to recruiting patients in Bradford in the coming weeks.