Daniel day lewis dating

30 Apr

His marriage appears to have brought a halt to his wandering eye but where his next stage in life will take him is anyone's guess.

"I won’t know which way to go for a while, but I’m not going to stay idle," he reassured One thing is for sure, Day-Lewis is serious about his departure from film.

But perhaps they should hold back before weeping too vociferously for this is not the first time Day-Lewis has abandoned the profession that made his name.

There was a five-year gap after starring in The Boxer in 1997, which looked as if it might have turned permanent until Martin Scorsese tempted him back to the screen in Gangs Of New York.

"No, there is no credit [for a Do P] on the film," he added.

"If you can give credit, Michael Bauman is the gaffer that I’ve worked with for many, many years on a lot of projects.