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You'll notice some numbers listed more than once as they got recycled over the 45 years of the Reiss-Premier/Kaywoodie two digit shape numbers era (1927-1972).The 1919-1926 shape numbers and the 1972-1980 shape numbers will be another list some day :shock: Just a note, several chinrester shapes are listed below, but there are probably others. Tuckaway pipes will have three digits, starting with "0" followed by the appropriate two digit shape.The Kaywoodie pipes soon started coming embossed with the emblem of an inlaid cloverleaf and a cloverleaf with the KBB initials etched inside which served as a trademark for all Kaywoodie pipes from 1881.Towards the turn of the century KBB’s pipes had received worldwide acclaim and were highly demanded towards the end of the century. This will be a long list and will take a few days to complete. It is possible that a shape was being made but not pictured in the catalog, so you may find exceptions to the list based on the known production dates of some lines.The company was started back in 1851 by the Kaufman brothers from Germany, in the Bowery section of New York City in the form of a small shop, whose backroom served as the craft room where they created all of their pipes.The business soon branched out to the golden coast during the big gold rush, as the businessmen involved took a large supply of Kaywoodie Pipes all the way to California which he sold along the way of his trip.

spans nearly a century and a half of pipe making, supporting the claim as the oldest pipe house in America. The pipe names Kaywoodie, Yello-Bole, Reiss-Premier, De Muth, Medico, Heritage and Frank are familiar to generations of pipe smokers.

When done PM me if you see a shape that's not listed: 00A 8 Panel, (4 smaller,4 larger) Dublin-like short stem 1931-1935 00K 6 Panel (equal sized panels) Dublin short stem 1935 00L 6 Panel (equal sized panels) Billiard short stem 1935 00M 6 Panel (equal sized panels) apple short stem 1935 1D Large Full Bent 1961-1971 2D Large Half Bent Poker 1970-1971 3D Large Round Bulldog type, saddle bit 1961-1971 4D Large 4-sided Dublin, square saddle bit 1961-1971 5D Half Bent Bull Prong 1970-1971 01 Yacht, oval bit 1927-1972 01B London oval (very small) 1937-1937 01C Octagon, long shank, short taper Late 1930's-mid 1940;s 02 Poker 1936-1955, 1960-1972 02B Small London Oval 1936-1937 02C Belgian type bowl with saddle stem 1930's 03 6 sided Paneled squat apple, setter bottom 1927-1928 03 Triangle shank setter apple 1931-1938 03B Small London Oval 1936-1937 04 Large saddle bit billiard, long shank, short bit 1931-1958, 1961-1970 04B Medium London oval 1936-1937 04F Dublin with flat bottom 1936-1937 05 Medium billiard, shorter shank 1937-1970 05B London oval (long stem) 1936-1937 05F Billiard, flat bottom 1927 05R Medium Billiard with chinrester stem ??

06 Slim Dublin 1927-1972 06B Heavy London oval 1936-1937 06C Square shanked bulldog long bit 1944-1966 06F Dublin, slim shank, flat bottom 1927 06S Small Dublin, saddle bit 1964-1966 07 Large billiard 1927-1972 07B Trumpet 1936-1937 07C Large square-shanked bulldog, taper stem 1939-1972 07F Large billiard, flat bottom 1927 07R Large Billiard with chinrester stem ???

This was Kaywoodie’s earliest national distribution, and it added a lot of credibility to the KBB reputation.

By the time the 1800’s were drawing to a close, KBB had expanded to Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco and St. Most of the company’s agents were a close knit group of family and friends.