Dating an identical twin

11 Jul

So it would probably not be something you a thought.

Q^^^ I really think it's unlikely that the other twin would be angry because he/she wasn't the only one picked. But I think it's more likely they were upset at having the person closest to them spending so much time and attention on a significant other. I dated an identical twin however him and his brother were mirror twins and they both had different personalities.

The only thing that would play on my sub conscience brain is guilt for naughty thoughts. Something Quarky...(always be eating an apple but don't ever finish it when seen)... *-------------------------------------------ONLY Thing is in a lot of stories I've heard....& Seen identical twins sometimes choose a "Lover" that seems to want to get with the "OTHER" twin... You just have to know up front that this can happen & may--- Agree with your twin to be aware of this... I was in a similar situation but lucky for me i was able to tell the difference between them because of a tiny and i mean tiny like a peridot freckle on her right breast that her sister did not have.. Twins might look identical but there is always a little something that seperates them..wexus: interesting ideas, don't know what a salmon savant is though.If you have any catfish fingers still left in your freezer I would like to have them. Try looking different than your twin, maybe that will help.You get so used to the person that you notice all the slight differences that people wouldn't recognize on first meeting. you can instantly point out which one is your partner. When you first meet identical twins, they seem like the same person.As you get to know them, you start to recognize the physical and personality differences and they become two different human beings. Which is interesting because, from more than about 3 meters, I couldn't tell them apart.