Dating profile shirtless

31 Jul

Obviously I’m gonna post pictures of me in my Ed Hardy shirts. But how do I get the word out about my washboard abs and sweetass shaved pecs? If there’s one thing I know about girls, it’s that they love checking out half-naked men they’ve never met and are evaluating as possible relationship material. Like, “oh man I just spilled a bunch of Red Bull on my favorite Ed Hardy shirt so now I got to dry off in the bathroom and then BAM someone runs in and takes a picture! I need my privacy, even if I do have rockin abs and an impressively small amount of body hair! I need to set up some situations I can use for inspiration. Reminder to self: create third folder – Shirtless (While Issuing a Thumbs Up). My abs are so much more bitching than they were six months ago, I’m gonna need to do a special shoot for my profile. …Aight, went through both the Shirtless (Candid) and Shirtless (Posed) folders on my computer and none of those shits will work. ” Or maybe “I’m taking a picture of myself in the mirror for my new passport photo, and then what the fuck, my shirt just disintegrated!

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Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. Oh, now you’re not into it just cause I hooked up with your sister, Sharon? Or at least who are cool about bjs in cars and shit… I could try to drop the hint in my description…”love working out and removing the hair from my body”…but that might be too subtle. I just started Internet dating man, feeling pretty good about it. Just hooking up, and getting down, and doing it NON-STOP.