Dating source code

11 May

If you are encountering an error with AFNetworking when building, please try performing a clean in Xcode by going to Product -Hello @Jason Pearl, Please clarify the situation: would you like to order our customization service or you want to customize this app on your own and you as for the Author’s assistance. (see Quick Blox Custom Object documentation: you are wanting users that have selected ‘friends’ to only see other users that have also selected ‘friends’ (and similarly for ‘dating’) then you will need to modify the filters used when retrieving data from Quick Blox.

The code to edit will be in the ‘Swipe View Controller.swift’ file and you should refer to Quick Blox’s Custom Objects documentation at Thanks, Sam Hey Sam,we got as far as putting the button on the app but still getting errors and we updated quickblox as well. I also tried to upload to apple connect for test mode and its not finding the build.

It’s impossible to say how difficult integrating your redesign would be without seeing it.

The app includes a configuration file where you can change all colours, borders, images etc.

I assume you have followed all of the steps under ‘Setting Up’ and ‘Opening the Source Code’ in the documentation, if not you will need to complete all of these steps before you can run your app.

Hello, I have basic development knowledge, however it doesn’t look like I’d need it as this application has all the features I need. I have created a design in Sketch, how difficult would it be to implement it?

I would however be looking at completely redesigning the app. Kind Regards, Daniel Hi Daniel, All of the views are created programatically, they do not use storyboards.

You can use this license for: The multiple app license allows you to make a personal and commercial use for a project that will be sold with no need to pay extra fees or charges except for the initial purchase price.

The purchased items under this license type must not be resold or redistributed "AS IS".