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20 May

Since "Fifty Shades of Grey" came out, there's a lot more women who are exploring this side of their lives and are interested in it.

So, potentially your girlfriend, or the next girl that you're going to be with, has this part of her mind and she's interested in this, interested in kink. If you reject that, if you kind of stick to the norms and you don't feel comfortable with those kinds of desires, or maybe you feel a bit judgmental about them and you may project that judgment on her when she brings them up (or when it comes up at some time), that doesn't help the relationship.

It doesn't build trust, and it definitely doesn't help to help you to explore your sexuality, and for her to feel comfortable in her sexuality.

This book is about the one source of information we can trust a bit more - that is the internet and what people search for.

[Angel Donovan]: Great, great so, in terms of fetish or the fetish community..have spoken about this kind of stuff before but, to give it some broad strokes, what are you talking about there?

[John Baku]: I try not to use the word fetish anymore.

So when you say kink, would you say that's the more acceptable word and that's the more common word used for this kind of stuff today or is kind of the cool word? kids call it." [John Baku]: I wish I knew what the cool kids did.

I don't know what the hipsters call it but, I tend to use the word kinky just because it just doesn't bring negative connotations but, it is all encompassing.