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08 May

This bill similarly would require a status review for every nonminor dependent who is in foster care to be conducted pursuant to specified provisions.

Under existing law, the department is required to develop and adopt emergency regulations that counties are required to meet when administering the program, that are achievable within available resources.

This bill would include, on and after January 1, 2012, a supervised independent living setting, and a THP-Plus-Foster Care placement, as established by the bill, for a nonminor dependent placed by the juvenile court on the list of facilities to which the act does not apply.

The bill would require the department to convene a workgroup to establish a new rate structure for THP-Plus-Foster Care placements, and would require counties to submit to the department a plan setting forth how the county would provide for the THP-Plus-Foster Care program, as specified.

The bill, commencing January 1, 2012, would allow a nonminor who left foster care at or after the age of majority to petition the court to have dependency or delinquency jurisdiction resumed, in accordance with a provision of existing law.

The bill would authorize a local entity to obtain specified background information regarding a nonminor who may be placed in a foster care setting with minor dependent children under these circumstances.