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21 Aug

The appendix is not all-inclusive, however, and auditors and management should review pronouncements issued subsequent to SAS no. Also, certain AICPA audit guides recommend obtaining representations unique to particular industries. Such representations include managements acknowledgment of its responsibility for the fair presentation of the financial statements, the availability of all financial records and information concerning fraud with respect to management or employees who have significant roles in internal control.

The illustrative management representation letter includes a sample paragraph containing a qualitative discussion of materiality.

Red TL measurements are commonly plagued by poor signal-to-noise ratios due to incandescence, and possibly thermal quenching, at high temperatures.

Such difficulties have been minimised in this study by measuring the red TL isothermally (at 260 °C) for an extended duration (1000 s).

Here we provide details of a new method of using a light-sensitive red thermoluminescence (TL) signal to date the last time of exposure of quartz grains to natural sunlight, which we have used previously to constrain the burial age of remains found on the Indonesian island of Flores.

The ASB noted a wide diversity in practice for dating the letter, so it added language in SAS no.

In such a case, an auditor may suggest that the client include wording in the representation letter similar to the following: I am responsible for the fair presentation in the financial statements of financial position, results of operations, and changes in financial position in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles.

Because of my limited expertise with generally accepted accounting principles, including financial statement disclosure, I have engaged you to advise me in fulfilling that responsibility.

Both also say such management representations, while part of the evidential matter obtained during an audit, are not substitutes for appropriate auditing procedures necessary to afford a reasonable basis for an opinion regarding the financial statements under audit. 85 includes new guidance requiring the auditor to investigate the circumstances and consider the reliability of a representation made if other audit evidence contradicts that representation.

In such a case, an auditor should consider whether the reliance placed on other management representations is appropriate and justified. 85 says an auditor should obtain written representations for all financial statements and periods covered by the auditors reporta concept originally appearing in an appendix to SAS no. The ASB, to reduce misunderstandings and misapplications, placed the guidance into the main body of SAS no. The new statement includes a list of specific management representations that are consistent with representations auditors are obtaining in current practice.