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04 Jul

it was then when saw those cds in my system that what blunder i made. (guys really speaking i was spell bound) she requested me not to say to anyone(of course my friends had smelled it anyway).it was saturday morning and i was feeling sick i was on leave so i went to her to ask apology. it was routine that whatever cds we see , i used to give it to her and i liked her comments on those cds about position and duration etc.

aswin came quickly then i took his position and three cocks pumping her two in her mouth and one in her cunt . after their arrival as they were not knowing tamil we used to help them for local markets and all other stuffs. (i think bored much about me) ok after coming to coimbatore( i will say cbe) life is boring till last 3 months as we had one new person mr.nayak and his wife gayathri(names have been chanaged) came to cbe and joined our office . when we got the message that mr nayak is joining us we rented one more independent house next to us.of course my friends all came to know but never shown to gayu(gayathri) about this and her husband had not smelt fact she is frustaed with her husband for not open minded and he is only mechanical about sex.