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12 Jun

In the span of three years, I've gone from full activity to the church with callings, to 'taking a break,' to non believing ex-Mormon status.(I have not officially resigned yet, but plan to do so.) Shelf breaking The 'breaking of the shelf' is a term former Mormons use when they realize the church isn't true.Talking to others that have similar interests is a pefect way to find things to do once you are dating. Look through the listings of Gay users here at LDS Dating that are associated with Mormon.To those who remain active AND date someone of the same sex, please choose one and forget the other. Half my life I dated women, and never had one of these feelings.(And since my theme of this post has been there's no place in the church for gay people, I think you know where I'm going.) To the folks at North Star We've had a hate/strong dislike relationship over the years. There are also members who are self-loathing homophobes who are literally poisoning the younger members with their rhetoric. (In my weeks of contemplating this post, it's this paragraph that makes me the most emotional.) At times I feel childish to put the blame on the church for keeping me from these tingly feelings.

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" In one of my first blog posts, I said a gay man should never marry a woman. Happiness I have the same feelings now that many ex-Mormons have. Gone is the stress of 3-hour meetings on Sunday and finding time to Home Teach. ) I love going out on dates with guys, and not feel the guilt and shame the LDS Church shoved at me all my life.

All these thoughts have been in my head for the last couple weeks. I was happy to be a CTR-ring-wearing-Mormon (on the outside.) Losing the faith If you've read my blog from the beginning, you've probably noticed a change in my attitude towards my own religion.

I do not consider myself a member of the LDS Church anymore. I was so enthralled by all his other posts, I was afraid his exit story would influence me as well. I was making a huge sacrifice by squashing all these gay feelings and staying diligent to the organization I gave two years of my life for, plus many, many hours on Sundays and other random days of the week.

Even if I wasn't gay, I feel I'd lose my belief in the church through all the research I've done. Even during my "break," I hoped the church would somehow make nice with us Mohos.

(or simply leave us alone.) But no, for every step forward, there were 10 steps back.