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Throughout the 1960’s the Motel 6 model became more popular and the company began to take a small market share away from bigger chains. Kohlberg Kravis Roberts bought Motel 6 in 1985 and began to move it away from the no-frills approach.

French-based Accor bought the company in 1990 and began franchising in 1994 in order to expand more quickly In 2000, Motel 6 expanded internationally for the first time with a location in Ontario, Canada.

Reply I have video of a operation manager who ask and told us displaced from hurricane Harvey to leave after a month of stay there we have had room charges that weren’t our placed on our account and took ten days to be reimbursed then a toilet overflowing which maintenance put soiled paper on our children’s stroller and spilled contents of waste all over our shoes and placed in a room for two days with ac unit not working properly we only stay here because we had no where we could afford and they promised after thirty days we didn’t have to pay tax on the room after that now they won’t move us to another studio 6 we have been told to leave by staff and the general manager of the west chase location in Houston we have a two year old and 3 year old daughter also my son has eczema and is autistic this is no way a business like this should be able to treat people we have been belittled defeated and treated horribly by staff and management alike with no calls back from corporate we need help Please Reply My first stay at a Motel 6 was in Starke, FL. They didn’t mention when I made the reservation that the motel was under renovation.

While renovations are a good thing, one would think they would place you in a room that would not be affected by the renovations.

Motel 6 was founded by William Becker and Paul Greene in Santa Barbara, California in 1962.

The partners wanted to build motels with bargain rates and decided on the rate of per night; a rate which would cover building costs, land leases, and janitorial supplies.

We woke up our first morning to drilling and workman noises at am.

When we opened the curtain, there was a worker outside our window putting up plastic with tape in preparation to paint.

Now here I am on 7/3/18 speaking with a Supervisor in Accounts Payable only to find out that no paper work had even been processed for the return of my funds and he needs to speak with other individuals to locate paperwork to BEGIN the process of the return of my funds.

We checked and was provided a room, when we got to the door of our room, we could hear the television blaring from inside the room.

When we entered there was a couple in the nude currently occupying the room that we were just given, they had electrical cooking devices connected in the room and were having a fish fry right inside.

The front desk clerk then proceeds to tell us that is the room assigned to us. She then tells us she can cancel the reservation and start over but we could only have a room for one night. She said well she would just cancel someone else’s reservation. P Our stay 6/1/18-6/3/18 motel 6 Lake Charles On the Bayou Reply Clerk at Motel 6 in Rancho Cordova, CA, refused to honor a couple’s reservation because she claimed a Puerto Rican driver’s license wasn’t a valid US identification.

She then puts us in a king size bed instead of two beds. All I can say is, what the hell do you expect from a clerk working at Motel 6?