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28 May

You often hear talk of self-awareness in relation to someone who doesn’t seem to have enough of it.Self-awareness is comprised of internal and eternal self-knowledge.Perhaps you immediately envision a frail man or woman in his or her 80s or 90s living with chronic disease and cognitive impairment.How many of you have a negative connotation of the term? Start with Self-Care Sprints You needn’t run a marathon to improve your wellness.Empathy is being able to experience someone else’s feelin…Are you dating for love, or just bingeing on empty romantic calories? You can make choices in your diet that directly impact your future outcome. Using this analogy, look at the dieter who wants to lose weight to achieve a desired look immediately.

They were typically overweight but had no histo…Become more empathetic towards yourself and others. Have you ever shopped for dog food online and an article about dogs pops up? Sympathy has a component of action because you want to alleviate someone’s sorrow.

” Could you: Get up with no assistance after falling?

Dash after a child who was running toward a busy intersection?

How One Man Lost 110 Pounds – and Kept It Off Try his 10 tips for successful weight loss and maintenance.

My neighbor Tim, a digital technologist, looks like an outdoorsy guy who’s probably always been slender and active. In reality, just three years ago, Tim weighed 290 How to Avoid Weight Regain, According to Science Follow these six research-backed strategies to keep those pounds off for good.