How do single pastors dating

20 Jun

It addressed wrong priorities within his ministry, and then stated that he was taking a leave of absence from IBLP (then IBYC) to seek the Lord’s direction.

As we have described in previous articles on Recovering Grace, this leave of absence lasted a mere seventeen days.

In both Titus 1 and 1 Timothy 3, Christians are given specific qualifications for positions of leadership, including blamelessness (being above reproach), humility, gentleness, self-control, uprightness, holiness, and being of good report.

Although we know that God’s mercy, grace, and forgiveness are extended to each of us when we fall, we hope to see Gothard acknowledge that his actions disqualify him from positions of Christian leadership. Gothard did not outline a plan for avoiding similar failures in the future.

It is our firm belief that Gothard needs to take these important steps going forward, lest he find himself repeating his past mistakes.

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As much as we at would like to accept Gothard’s statement in good faith as a heartfelt apology, we find ourselves unable to offer a response without speaking the truth as boldly as the many IBLP and ATI alumni who have told us their stories.

Gothard also declares that he has “never kissed a girl.” This statement is a clear denial of Charlotte’s story.

He also states (as referenced above) that he has never “touched a girl immorally or with sexual intent.” We are deeply concerned for the women who have told their stories on .

We urge the IBLP board of directors to publicly address these issues, as they are now accountable for the past, present, and future of IBLP and ATI.

We understand that Gothard offered his confession to the board several weeks ago, and several parties who were interviewed as part of the internal investigation have informed that they confirmed many of the allegations.