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15 Sep

The expression “BSD-style license” leads to confusion because it lumps together licenses that have important differences.For instance, the original BSD license with the advertising clause is incompatible with the GNU General Public License, but the revised BSD license is compatible with the GPL.[CLICK HERE to learn more about intellectual and cognitive development along with suggestions on how to encourage and guide your child’s or teen’s development] Increased use of verbal representation but speech is egocentric.

Another meaning (which overlaps that but is not the same thing) is Service as a Software Substitute, which denies you control over your computing. Another meaning is renting a remote physical server, or virtual server.

We do not think it is good to offer users those “alternatives” to free software.

To refer to published works as “assets”, or “digital assets”, is even worse than calling them “content” — it presumes they have no value to society except commercial value.

The stages of intellectual development formulated by Piaget appear to be related to major developments in brain growth.

The human brain is not fully developed until late adolescence or in the case of males sometimes early adulthood.