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24 Jun

He thought about moving but she had obviously moved him so his head was sitting in her lap and she seemed to enjoy messing with his hair. Truth be told he has had a crush on Coconut for awhile and was going to ask her out last week but he got the news of his fathers death before he could, and James had just been to busy with arrangements that he hadn't had the time."Thanks for coming in here and doing this." James said"It's okay, I don't mind.I like spending time with you." she said"Same." James said.

(Updated Ch.1 A/N) (OC x Coconut x Maple x Cinnamon)Chapter 1: The rain pattered on the umbrella, the few other attendants to the funeral of James' father offered their condolences as they passed by.

So here's our very subjective but still definitive worst-to-best ranking, which may only be challenged by a glare from Nina Garcia, an eye roll from Michael Kors, a "make it work" from Tim Gunn, or an "out" from Heidi Klum.13.

After confessing his love for Coconut, watch as James works as a baker at La Soleil, with the owner and his best friend Kashou.

James' eyes became unfocused as he stared at the coffin, the groundskeepers were waiting for everyone to leave before they placed the coffin in the ground."Jam?

" Coconut asked with concern lacing her voice, giving a sharp tug to James' coat sleeve.