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11 Jul

Gets a healthy top edge that skies straight up in the air.

Liton Das calls for it, runs in front towards point and takes it. Mehidy Hasan provides the breakthrough for the hosts.

So, to add to the list of Rahim and Haque, who missed out getting to their milestones, add Mahmudullah, who is left stranded 17 runs short of the triple figure mark. 1-72 (Tamim Iqbal , 15.5 overs), 2-120 (Imrul Kayes , 27.4 overs), 3-356 (Mushfiqur Rahim , 83.5 overs), 4-356 (Liton Das , 83.6 overs), 5-376 (Mominul Haque , 92.4 overs), 6-390 (Mosaddek Hossain , 96.1 overs), 7-417 (Mehidy Hasan , 102.2 overs), 8-475 (Sunzamul Islam , 119.3 overs), 9-478 (Taijul Islam , 120.2 overs), 10-513 (Mustafizur Rahman , 129.5 overs) M Hasan to D Karunaratne, OUT! All through yesterday, Sri Lanka were struggling to get a wicket and here are the hosts, they strike off the 15th ball of the innings. He brought on the off spinner to bowl to the left-hander after just one over from Rahman and it has worked for his side.

Floated outside off, Karunaratne shouldn't be playing away from his body on this track. He gets his front leg out of the way and then hangs his bat out at that tamely. The Lankan southpaw bags a duck in his first Test of 2018, after having a stellar 2017. Mendis gets OUT in an attempt to get to his landmark in a stylish way. After Mominul Haque and Dhananjaya de Silva, now Kusal Mendis misses out on a double hundred. Mendis comes down and looks to go big over the on side. A wicket against the run of play, the second new ball doing the trick, a rash approach. To be honest, de Silva who was fluent all throughout his innings, looked a bit overconfident after the lunch break.

The ball skids off the surface, beats the defense on the inside and deflects off the pads to strike the timber. Seemed like it was a lapse in concentration from the wicket-keeper batsman. Sri Lanka finally manage to get through this stubborn stand. Dream delivery to any batsman leave alone the tailender. This is banged short again on the stumps, Rahman initially looks to duck.

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Rod Tucker goes to his partner, has a longish chat with Marais Erasmus and takes it upstairs, giving the soft signal as Not Out. It shows that the ball has hit the pad after taking the inside edge, lobbed off the boot and is in the air a bit. Perera sidetracks from mid off and goes towards long off. In the end, he turned around and takes that catch with a dive.

The man from silly point has taken a clean catch as well, concludes the TV umpire. The entire Sri Lanka side comes to him to congratulate him as he sits there in disbelief.

He bowls it flatter outside off on a shorter length, Silva goes back to cut it away.

But the ball lands on the rough and goes straight on, taking the bottom edge on the way to the keeper.