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27 Jun

The latest statistics from the Pew Internet Project report indicate that 89% of U. Internet users between the ages of 18 and 29 use social media.[i] Statistics on teens’ use of social networking sites in Ghana are not available, but 2014 statistics on African Internet usage released by Internet World statistics reveal that approximately 1,630,420 Ghanaians are using Facebook.[ii] This is about 6.6% of the total population of 24,658,823.[iii] This paper reports on a survey conducted in 2014 with 150 youth ages 11–19 from two neighborhoods in Accra, Ghana.The survey was conducted at five Internet cafés, and an adult operator from each café was also included in the study.

Their living environment is characterized by poor drainage, inadequate housing, and haphazard development.

However, he argued that in the broader context of knowledge acquisition and communication within and outside the country, it is important to include digitized media technologies in the curriculum to impart critical media literacy skills to students.

Such skills can help prevent mass violence, protests, and demonstrations, which can be caused by students disregarding their civic responsibilities and not respecting the rights of others.[xxviii] A qualitative study of Facebook use among young people ages 17–23 in Viwandani, a slum in Kenya, reports that youth accessed Facebook at Internet cafés and on their cell phones.

The two suburbs have been categorized by the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) as low-income and non-indigenous (dominantly migrant) areas.

The populations of Nima and Maamobi are 69,044 and 49,812, respectively.