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Prince Takeda was in charge of hiding hordes of valuables in the Philippines during WWII, along with the bodies of the captive Filipinos who constructed the hidden caches. Norton & Company 2015) is set in 1881 Atlanta, Georgia.Max’s blond hair is spotted as he flees the scene, and he is pursued by the Japanese police, the Yakuza, and a mysterious and very dangerous American. Thomas Canby, a former Atlanta police detective who left in disgrace three years earlier after a charge of bribery, is called back to investigate a series of murders targeting prosperous African Americans.Ever since his wife left him for another man, the two live mostly apart and Zafiris is often lonely and depressed.The current financial crisis doesn’t help, and he is continually aware of the contrast between Greece’s noble past and the government corruption that has created an obstructive bureaucracy and dysfunctional society.New Additions New Hardcovers New Paperbacks New Large Print New Audio Book Awards Book Reviews Location Index Job Index Historical Index Diversity Index Genre Index Read-Alikes About this Site FAQ Newsletter Giveaway SYKM Store Contact Us Home Kareem Abdul-Jabbar & Anna Waterhouse Mycroft Holmes (Titan Books 2015) introduces 23-year-old Mycroft Holmes, working for the Secretary of State for War in 1870 London.Engaged to Georgiana Sutton, a sugar plantation heiress from Port of Spain, Trinidad, Holmes is saving his wages in anticipation of their marriage in 18 months.

Canby, the son of an immigrant Irish minister who was killed during the Battle of Atlanta, was raised without racism, but their joint investigation is constantly impeded by rules against Underwood’s presence in hotels, restaurants, and carriages.

Hades will do just about anything for money, but he is disgusted by his client who brings him the results of a botched kidnapping, and plans to dispose of his client along with the evidence of his crime.

Then the toes clench on the tiny foot emerging from the bundle, and Hades realizes that at least one of the children is still alive.

Spotting Yakuza tattoos on one of the burglars, Max flees, grabbing a satchel on his way out.

Inside the satchel is the secret diary of Prince Takeda, Emperor Hirohito’s first cousin, detailing decades of Imperial Japan’s plunder of treasure in Southeast Asia.