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13 Aug

Aim higher, like Icarus trying to fly to the sun, and you may end up permanently single or dissatisfied that you’re with a great guy who doesn’t “inspire” you.It may sound a lot like what I talk about on in my materials, BUT…As much as I’m sometimes pilloried for telling women to compromise – on height, weight, age, education, income, and religion (not kindness, consistency, communication or commitment), there is one trait I don’t think you can skimp on: CONNECTIONSee, connection isn’t “we both like hiking,” or “we are both Catholic,” or “we both want an upper-middle-class lifestyle.” Connection is akin to personal chemistry.I was raised by lesbians and the men who did feature in my childhood were not good guys.I mention this because my boyfriend tells me I seem to have a somewhat inaccurate idea of what “most” men are like. I also mention it because I have a pattern of pushing men away.

THAT’s personal chemistry: liking each other, trusting each other, laughing with each other, feeling like you’re 100% accepted by each other, always having each other’s backs.Your ability to make an empowered choice is impacted by three things: your history of anxiety, your history of self-sabotaging relationships, and your inexperience at knowing what a great relationship DOES feel like.The good news is that your situation is quite normal and common. Lots of people push away good partners out of fear.He is bright but never went to college, never traveled, doesn’t read books, etc.I do find him impressive for different reasons (he is disciplined, kind, generous, handsome, curious, capable, and manages conflicts maturely).