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04 Sep

You’ve convinced people not to use Facebook on behalf of your weaknesses, responsibility!

Facebook is like licence driving, some race, some chauf, some are truckers but all are potential accident victims but some are slick with it, they have their routes or speed limits or what ever that suits each one of them, you Cal are one of the accident victims you hit into a car because of irresponsible driving and road rage ignorance, get your legs broken and then decide to flout!

She had an ex-boyfriend, Eron Gjoni, and the break-up was ugly.

Gjoni started airing their dirty laundry online, because it’s her responsibility to avoid forcing them into conflicts of interest with her sexy ladyparts.

Before I talk to you Cal allow me to throw my Facebook story.

I got my Facebook in my last term of the senior year in middle school ’cause you know it was a joker card in my freshman year at High School so if you didn’t have it you were behind swerve, and my crush had it too so you know the deal.

The short answer: To provide a longer answer, I summarize below the four most common arguments in favor of Facebook that I received in reaction to my post (both publicly and privately), as well as my explanation for why the arguments didn’t move me closer to clicking “join.” Argument #1: Facebook makes it possible to maintain lightweight, high-frequency contact with a large number of people spread around the world. I’d rather keep my time and attention focused on interacting deeply with them instead of pinging a thousand “friends” with exclamation-point laden wall posts.

Facebook essentially invented this new type of social connection. Some even use it as a replacement for a normal, in-person social life (usually, to their detriment). Argument #2: Facebook might offer you personal or professional benefits that you don’t even know about.

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For a new tool to claim some of my time and attention from these activities it has to offer me a lot of value in return. This post generated a lively debate in its comment thread.There’s a lot of stuff flying around the Internet right now about “Gamergate”, a supposed scandal at the supposed heart of supposed gaming that supposed gamers are supposedly crusading against.As you may be able to guess from all the “supposed”s, there’s a lot of bullshit out there. It started with Zoe Quinn, an independent game developer.But I was one of the few in the freshman classes to hold a cool cellphone which had the app so my friends list was running low in numbers compared to the senior’s list which I had to raise for with a public account, crazy biography, lots of pictures and unknown friends, sike I even sent requests to my teachers haha and had quite a lot of “friends” from first grade to 12th and of course relatives and homeboys.The experience was fun posting daily occurrences at school, reading posts about me, getting likes and requests from seniors and strange people I got addicted I’d even miss school over sleeping late and all it was just crazy I could guess I deactivated my account off and on round about 15 times trying to stay off ’cause I almost got expelled from school in my 10th grade when I posted this teacher’s old picture when she was a teenager or whatever but it was just funny and almost everyone from my school who saw it posted a nasty comment and it reached 250 comments and somehow she discovered it and snitched on me to fix me over another picture that was an offense to the school and that was shortly after I posted a complaint on the school’s facebook blog and and it was all just crazy and my last year in that school!