Nstextfield setstringvalue not updating

19 Jul

You’ll see later that we delegate the work of the different controls we create in Interface Builder to a delegate or controller class. First, create your controller/delegate class using the following steps: That’s it for Interface Builder.

You can quit interface builder and return to XCode.

bindings that we want to display from our model item.

We use the init With Coder: method instead of init With Frame: because the view is still being defined in the nib file, we're just filling in some other bits.

We create a segmented control to display the option property and a text field to display the title property.

Then we need to update the controls whenever the property changes which we can do in the set methods: This means that other controls can use the array controller to listen to changes in the selection.

For example, if we wanted to bind to the which is called whenever the collection view needs to display a new object.

Once you add an NSCollection View to a window, XCode automatically adds an NSCollection View Item and an new NSView as well.These are going to be the view controller and the view that represents each item in our data model. When each NSCollection View Item is created, this property is set to the object in the model that the NSCollection View Item represents.Under normal circumstances we could add controls to the NSView that XCode added for us, and then bind their values to the appropriate property on this represented Object property.There may be times when this is desirable, however, most of the time you can just connect and go.Just use your controls as all of the instantiation/initialization is handled for you by the framework.