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13 Apr

Waaaaaay to much information for my regular readers, I'm sure, but probably helpful to some woman somewhere (bless your heart, Dear) wondering how a common gynaecological surgery will affect the rest of her life, you know, sexually.

Here's the thing: I stumbled upon some whacktivism pre-hysterectomy that said I probably wouldn't be able to have orgasms post-surgery and that even if I could, they wouldn't be uterine orgasms so they wouldn't be very good ones. Having orgasms is very very high on my list of priorities (way higher than, perhaps sadly, a tidy home, maxing out my RRSPs and/or doing something about global warming.) When I asked my doctor if a hysterectomy would affect orgasm function he said, "There's some debate about that.

This post is about resuming your sex-life post-hysterectomy.

So, just how can the male make sure that the information that makes him who he is, gets passed on to his children or offspring? Remember, we said that DNA is like a recipe book that contains all of the information that makes an organism who and what it is.

(The sperm is the small white cell to the left.)A sperm cell is the male sex cell.

All animals (and many other types of organisms) produce what are called sex cells.

At this point, the embryo is able to develop into a fully formed offspring of its parents.

When the cells combine in a chicken, a chick is the result.