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15 Aug

Try it out tap “…” (menu) Version // Changed the method Prognoza is getting the City name, now it is working again and the app does not use HERE services anymore.

// Added a small option to disable automatic updates of the app at night to save battery and internet.

It suits for downloading the latest weather data for a specific City or your current location based on the Windows Phone location.

The background pictures display the current weather conditions while the app shows lots of detailed weather data.

Depending on exact timing of the front, there maybe at least a marginal severe threat.

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You can do stuff that you can't do when you're not wearing your headphones like a tangled bolo tie.

Prognoza has a triel mode which gives you the full app experience for 7 days, in this period you can see if the weather is accurate enough for you, or if the app works fine for you, after this period you can buy it.

The app can be used even after the trial ends, it has then just a few limitations like the live tiles and lockscreen will stop to update until it's paid.

Weather sharing function to share the current weather with your friends across all WP8.1 apps that have the ability to share content.

Just tap on an particular day/hour to see more info.