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28 Jun

Ahead of the console release, Bungie warned that players may not be able to immediately access the game.In order to "regulate player population to provide stable conditions for Destiny gameplay," server queues can pop up in Destiny 2 just as they could in the previous game.Computer players can, however, play the full campaign and the Crucible multiplayer mode.Here's the full schedule for when the Raid and other features arrive on PC.

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FIFA 18 is officially here, and with it comes a series of tweaks, changes, and the odd new feature, too.For returning fans who've been playing FIFA 17 right up until 18's launch, or newcomers who've been away from the game for a while, there's plenty to bear in mind, so here are a few general tips to get you back in the game as quickly as possible: FIFA 18 tips: Here's a quick, at-a-glance look at all the new features in FIFA 18.As you'll see, this year's been a little more iterative than previous versions, with most of the changes small tweaks to quality of life. FIFA 18 new gameplay and controls features: Looking for more on FIFA 18?The Game Expansion Pass Bundle is pretty self-explanatory.Here are the prices: According to Destiny 2's store pages, the game weighs in at 30.9 GB on PS4 and 34.98 GB on Xbox One. Destiny 2's first Raid and Guided Games are available on console, but those won't arrive on PC right away.