Quicken not updating chase

30 Mar

Quicken does not provide the ability to change a banking account into an investment account.We recommend creating a new investment account for any Vanguard funds listed in a banking account.If you've already created a Quicken register, the software may "swap" your existing transactions for identical transactions that use a tax-free security.You can download your transactions into Quicken 2016 or higher from our website using the Web Connect feature available on vanguard.com: The information above only applies to Vanguard mutual fund accounts.Return to top We recommend disabling online access to your accounts, then re-enabling access, to resolve these issues.First, back up your existing data file, then disable access to your account: We recommend that you deactivate all accounts from Vanguard before reactivating any of the accounts.

If you haven't downloaded your transactions before, we recommend creating a new 401(k) account register rather than using an existing account.

For technical assistance, we recommend visiting Intuit's website or calling 888-311-7276 (charges may apply).

For general questions about downloading transaction information from vanguard.com, call Vanguard at 888-353-0547.

I'm receiving an OL-295-A or OL-297-A error when downloading to Quicken. Can I download Vanguard money market information into a Quicken money market account?

What happens to my transaction data if I convert to Admiral™ Shares? You can download transactions for these Vanguard account types: Note: Once the accounts are configured, your Quicken 2014 or higher software will automatically retrieve your most recent transactions for each account.