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08 May

Wellston, Ohio 45692 I'm Mike Mc Guire with the country music group 'Shenandoah'. have a look at his site, there are downloads that you can listen to.

But as fate would have it, we had an unexpected concert get booked and I missed him. If he ever gets down Nashville way, someone PLEASE let me know. I am without a doubt,the bigest GORDON LIGHTFOOT fan there is. I like Carefree Highway too and The Circle Is Small is a nice tune...!

Yeah invest too much time into it and you might live in a mansion with Courtney Love, meet Britney Spears, meet Tom Cruise, have a pick up war with Heidi Fleiss, pick up too many chicks to remember including a Playmate of the year and land your dream girl who happens to be a famous musician then write a book about it all and get it on the bestseller list. Look, I love Game and all, I just don't think it's healthy to devote 100% of your life to a narrow field, even one so awesome. Neil Strauss (The Game, Rules of the Game)Mystery (Mystery Method)While you're reading those things, get out there, mix it up, meet people, grow, etc.

It's been a while since I read The Game, but you might also (and more likely as I've witnessed) devote your entire life to pickup, lose your job, end up destroying your career, becoming unbalanced, having no outside interests, having no real friends outside other PUAs, developing an abnormally warped personality, no longer able to make connections with real people without relying on 'routines' and end up crying your eyes out because you I agree with you, but the book The Game is not likely going to be read as a cautionary tale. You have to kind of throw yourself into it and obsess about it. When you start to get a hold of it, read up on nonverbal communication (body language), social linguistics, etc. This book is about evolution at the level of the gene, if you take away lessons about how and why girls are attracted to guys then you're reading it wrong.

It's an initiation rite of the community these days and a fun read anyway, so that's why I put it up there. This should be more than enough information, initially.

But the reason I recommend it here is more for background, and perspective.

– Box rants standing right next to the baggage claim.

– Drinking and substance abuse and rituals and dark chocolate.

and some previously "important" ideas become a lot less so.

If nothing else, when you look at life in terms of genes, adaptations, "games" (in the game theoretical sense) and resources, it's easy to drop a belief in the "hollywood fantasy" stuff about love and relationships, and to understand (and drop) any sort of madonna/whore complex, etc.