Sex chat with animated ai

30 Aug

Dystopian depictions of female robots in Her, Ex Machina and Westworld may have seemed beyond the horizon to most. But one man, Matt Mc Mullen, has taken this idea and created Harmony, the natural evolution of the real doll. A sex toy engineered in such a way that it’s going to learn from interactions, so each person will have a different variant of AI since they could both assign personality traits to their version and will then interact with it, building on said traits.

They will be able to give her a specific name and their version will have specific moods that will influence Harmony’s behaviour.

If you do own a sex robot DO NOT TALK ABOUT IT when you are meeting women. The story gets a little more complicated when the inventor says he made this sex doll because of a girl friend that died in the September 11th attacks. I cannot even begin to grasp how hard it must be to lose a loved one in a terror attack, but is making a robot that acts like the person really the best way to get over it? Feel free to add him on Facebook and Twitter…He welcomes any and all comments on his posts 🙂 For anyone grousing that youth have succumbed to ‘digital demise’ are in another orbit or other stereotyped generalizations about the ‘avatar’ generation…I highly recommend you take a peek at the commentary on Dan’s original post too.

Especially if the only thing you do with the robot is f** t? Plenty of down to earth human beings, no robots there…

Just inspiring minds, thoughtful content, and richness of issues being covered.

heavy-handed tone to start thinking about where we’re headed and more importantly…why.

represents further evidence of female objectification in every nook and cranny of our pop culture media cacophony, imho.