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23 Apr

Have any of your children expressed an interest in drawing or art? You always hope people will enjoy the work you do, but artists are usually their own harshest critics and so we don’t really expect our work to measure up. Thankfully so long as I have an Internet connection I’m good to go, and luckily I’ve been kept busy for a number of years now. Luckily for me, I caught him at a good time so I could learn more about his background, what makes P. Congratulations on being nominated for the Harvey Award AND the Eisner Award! What do your wife and kids think about Dad’s accomplishments? There’s not much in the way of work for what I do here so I have to freelance.They put a lot of trust in me and I did my best not to screw it up! I’d try and impress him with something I drew and instead of just praising me he pointed out where I could improve. I held a lot of respect for him and really wanted his approval and he in turn was supportive in a stand off kind of way that gave me room to grow. , which I would have LOVED to do, and the Orwell Estate was interested but when it came to locking it down things fizzled. There are other novels I’d love to tackle but only books I really had a passion for.

Little’s new book has made headlines all over the world with one NYC vendor even running out of copies during a signing.

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About a year ago, I started thinking about moving to Prince Edward Island, Canada and not for the reasons you might think. My wife Brenda (who also works in comics) is very hopeful for me, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I don’t have to work as hard as a comic artist in a big city to pay the bills, but the drawback is feeling isolated from the community of peers in your field. I’ve also never tried to adapt anything from one medium to another before. I felt better when we decided to keep all the text in the book Hunter’s and I’m just bringing the visuals to it.

Bite Beauty's Leo Lipstick is gold and glittery, which makes it perfect for…The Lake of Shining Waters, Lover’s Lane, Green Gables — if you’re an Anne of Green Gables fan like I am, the images behind these beautiful landscapes bring to life the spunky, red-headed heroine you know and love.

Every moment with Anne feels unique…The moment beauty lovers have been waiting for has come.