Single dad dating kids 14 yr old dating 19 yr old

08 Sep

It might be weird to hear attraction being explained like that, but a woman’s attraction for a man is different to a man’s attraction for a woman.

Women can feel attracted to a guy’s looks, but most women (not all) are much more attracted to a man’s inner qualities, personality and behavior than anything else.

It is a challenge to be sure, but certainly doable when you focus on her specific needs, help her find good female role models and express love in ways she can receive it.

You don’t need an in-depth strategy for dating women as a single dad.

According to American statistics, over 8% of all single-parent households today are now headed by a single father.

This is a nine-fold increase (up from only 1%) since 1960.

Basically, being a single dad today is nothing unusual and isn’t something that you need to hide or be ashamed of.

Probably one of the biggest concerns that single fathers have is that they will no longer have the criteria that women are looking for in a man.