Tfs reports not updating

14 May

This customer does not have huge TFS databases with only circa 9GB of data in their only configuration database so this should not take long.But remember, there are significant schema changes in TFS 2015 and you will need at least the same amount of free space as data that you have in TFS.It looks like this may have been the first upgrade to TFS 2015 in production, at least beyond internal consulting company’s.[pl_button type=”info” link=” target=”blank”]Download 2015 today[/pl_button] With the availability of a fully supported version of TFS 2015 I will be upgrading my customers production TFS server to TFS 2015 so that they can get all of the goodies.It is very recommended to use a separate account for the report reader account, however in this case I do not have one.TFS lets you use the same service account that it runs under.As usual I will be installing the losable bits on the C drive with the operating system. The install is pretty quick and only took a few minutes, [same as a fresh install of TFS 2015].As I am just running the install and relying on the TFS bits to get rid of the old bits this seems pretty fast.

Here the cache folder is not considered big enough, ok… If you hit the configuration button it will start the real upgrade.

While this does not include the SQL databases that are on the SQL Server cluster, it does include things like . The duration for this server upgrade will be recorded above.

This time is totally dependent on hardware and network communication.

They have created a custom website in IIS that allows them to have TFS on port 80.

TFS is by default installed on port 8080 and in a virtual directory as Share Point normally exists on the box and coexisting with it is hard.