Updating distances in dynamic graphs

20 Aug

In the past few months, production has declined due to the lower crude prices.

Summarizing crude by rail and noting some of the major incidents, as movements of crude by rail have grown ~40 fold, incidents involving railroad tank cars carrying crude have grown also, about 16 fold.

Encouragingly, the data provided shows all of the COQA recommended specs are being met.

A chart showing data from EIA highlighted the phenomenal growth in the Bakken-increasing 10 fold in the 8 year period of January 2007 to January 2015, from 133K b/d to 1.3 million b/d.

The “Continued” refers to the fact that Jason spoke at the early 2014 meeting in New Orleans, but much has happened over the past 12 months.

With much confusion regarding terminology, Jason carefully defined True Vapor Pressure, Bubble Point Pressure, and Reid Vapor Pressure Equivalent.

The CCQTA currently has 84 member companies and 11 member funded projects.

In addition to the on-going projects, new activities include: Dennis Sutton, COQA Executive Director, concluded the day’s presentations by summarizing recent crude oil conferences and events.