Updating to tiger

28 May

If your current computer meets the machine specifications for Leopard, you can install Leopard on your computer regardless of what OS you are currently running.

The only thing that governs whether you can install Leopard or not, is you computers ability to run it.

Oddly enough, many critics of the temple point to pictures of tourists with sticks with bags on them playing with the tigers as “tiger abuse” — teasing.

However, this “playing” is good for the tigers — it provides exercise and mental stimulation that they desperately need.

Now, I read somewhere that Apple is thinking of only offering updates to two OSes; which will shortly be Tiger and Leopard.

In February 2015, Thailand’s government raided the facility and Tiger Temple was later forced to shut down and to hand over their 147 tigers to the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation.

About a month after I purchased my Mac with Panther, Apple came out with Tiger.

I didn't qualify for a free upgrade and I couldn't afford the 9.00, so I stayed with Panther which was included.

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