Who is korean singer rain dating

12 Apr

Just my opinion but I think a psycho thriller/serial killer type roll would be great for you....you'd make a beautiful killer. Ripley (starred Matthew Damon) Of course, I'm I think you can play anything, from intellectually challenged (mental ill), Saulabi (Korean Samurai), Sulsa (Korea's version of a Ninja), a serial womanizer, or a dancer think Dirty Dancing, Magic Mike, or Salsa (starred Draco Rosa..was hot back in the day).... i'm looking forward to "ninja assassin" and hope, that someday we can see him in germany for a concert. Anyways, I've said all this just to say that you a fantastic actor, an amazing singer and entertainer.

I think he can sing anything but the fact that he loves R&B and Hip Hop is a plus for me.

Anways, best of luck to you as you continue with your music and with the acting roles your bring to your fans. I have been a fan every since I watched you in Ninja Assassin.

I'm sure this gets old coming from fans like myself..I've found myself wishing often you would have made a sequel to that film.

Rain, I think it's time you put out a killer movie, where you aren't holding back so that certain people that call themselves your fans won't be offended.

I understand you have a lady friend, and South Korean society may deem you be respectful of that when doing on-screen roles that require romance...you're an actor and I think your lady friend knows this and the fans should know this. i have already seen "speed racer" and he was wonderful. I really wish that this is the most interesting of in the new drama Full House season 2 is very much!