Wsus target group not updating

14 Jun

In order to remedy this, you must perform the following sequence of steps on the WSUS servers as specified in the table below (where "USS" represents "upstream server"): Some workarounds propose that you delete these entries from the SUSDB via SQL queries, but we do not recommend directly modifying database content.

The supported way to remove update content is with Power Shell commands [from an elevated session] as described below.

Print Screen2As per Above Print-screen '242 updates has not been installed'.

If i click on '242 Updates' I get the below Print-screen and so on.

The Web site on port 80 does not have to be dedicated to WSUS.

WSUS) is Microsoft free tool they provide for deploying patches and updates.

This text file contains detailed output from the Windows Update client, including notifications for each attempt to find, download, and install updates.

You can also use the Windows file to verify that the client is attempting to access the correct update server.

The reason why I still normally recommend that people using WSUS over SCCM is that the product overall is much easier to use and its just human nature for people to want to do the easier tool where possible…

However there are a couple of reason why I think SCCM should still be used over WSUS and they are: Below are a collecting of configuration recommendations and tips that help you get the most our of your WSUS infrastructure in your environment.