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23 Aug

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Pakvaan* — The airy vegetarian dining room with a steam table on the far wall offers Punjabi and Gujarati all-in meals, as well as snacks such as batata vada (round potato fritters), chole bhature (stewed chickpeas served with a poori), and vagharelo rotla (a millet flatbread).

As we entered, a man was squirting kulfi (Indian milk-based popsicles) into molds as he leaned over a deep freeze.

Kwality Sweets* — Inside this conventional-looking ice cream parlor lurk some rather unconventional flavors.

Most of the businesses are Indian — including restaurants, supermarkets, travel agencies, beauty parlors, jewelers, and paan sellers; Iselin is the largest of the metropolitan region’s South Asian shopping districts, which includes Jersey City’s Newark Avenue, Jackson Heights’ 74 Street, and Murray Hill’s Lexington Avenue.Jain food is also available, catering to a religious group common in Gujarat that eschews onions and garlic.We ordered the Gujarati thali, a delightful meal of many small dishes presented on a metal tray, including spectacular small rotis, a stew of black-eyed peas, a globe-shaped potato fritter, and carrot halwa — a bright orange sweet made with shredded carrots.Since diners who patronize these restaurants are very particular about regional cuisine, dishes like iddlies, kebabs, biryanis, breads, pullaos, and curries are often better prepared than elsewhere in New York and New Jersey.Many businesses face Oak Tree Avenue and Green Street, a single contiguous thoroughfare.