Diversity dating

01 Aug

It's a big statement, and the show feels very contemporary. I've got a lot of stuff on air right now ( is going to continue, it's a great show, but there's room for another one. All of the women can find love on this show, it's not about just one of them. The women in bungalows are part of the drama of the [dates] through texting.The women choosing to walk left or right after meeting the men is like a real-time dating app.

" He said that reality TV has some of the most viewership of anything in the world. In the first episode, there's a great line where he meets all of the celebrities. It also feels so relevant to be in Silicon Beach, by the tech companies, in Los Angeles.

How much did technology in dating inform the format?

If you're doing a reality show, it's important to be reflective of the times. We were the first show to use i Tunes as part of the program.

and so on) across the Big Four, has seen his slate grow considerably over the years — but one thing you won't find on his résumé is a dating show.

That changes tonight, with the launch of Fox's .