Speed dating for tall people nyc

29 Aug

Plus, the diverse themes for each event really make it easy to meet specific people.

I have attended the " Hot or Not" and the " 6'1" and over " event and had a blast each time.

But the sad truth is that we, the dudes of Brooklyn, the broliteriate, if you will, are apparently not helping the situation at all.According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the average height for adult males in the United States is 5'8" and women 5'4" making our upcoming "Size Matters" Night for non-vertically challenged men 5'11" and women 5'7 anything but average. "Single And The City has the best dating events in the city. I have met quality people at all the events and dated a few.Even Team Brokelyn, which is, if I do say so myself, lousy with talented, funny, knockouts, has trouble getting guys on board. This isn’t to say that women are desperate, or are bedding every bottom feeder they find on OKCupid.To paraphrase the wisdom of , this is gonna sound like I’m putting down my own gender, but the truth is, men can be kinda boring, self-involved perpetual adolescents, or creepy hangers on who try way too hard, or guys who just don’t know how to read a signal and stop texting, or, yikes, guys like me who just don’t know what they want and are suddenly faced with options for the first time (humblebrag? Most single girls I know are endlessly game, willing to be open and adventurous and give people a chance, and guys often just don’t show up.