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22 May

However, the final straw came when the 6 volt battery I had specially made started to fail after only 3 months or so of service.

It wasn’t charging properly, neither on the bike or using a mains charger.

Therefore my other bike (a 1970 Royal Enfield Bullet) provided a useful temporary donor for bulbs and battery.

I didn’t really want to bother going to the hassle of getting another one made if it would only last another few months.

On top of this, I was looking to fit some indicators to the bike in the near future (to make riding feel that little bit safer) and preferably wanted to use LED bulbs to minimise the additional load on my small Lucas dynamo.

It is advisable to have a fuse installed in the system to protect it in case of short circuit.

In 12v mode, the current needed to power the various electrical components will be halved (assuming you have fitted like-for-like wattages) as power (Watts) = voltage (volts) x current (Amps).